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Hi my name is Erika but everyone calls me E, and I would just like to introduce myself!

I am the mother, sister, daughter, cousin, friend and self proclaimed life coach LOL! I said all that to say, I am just like many of you! 

I have dreams, goals, a business, and a household!!

Several years ago I took a leap of faith and I resigned  from the United States Postal Service and have been an entrepreneur ever since.

I am also a certified expanded functions dental assistant 


I have been called THE beauty therapist. Im here to inspire and educate women on how to beautify themselves from the inside out. 


I’m a mental health advocate. I suffer from anxiety, but I am learning what works for me everyday. 


The E Renae Brand is built on resilience, transparency and passion. 


I am a serial entrepreneur but all of my businesses have one thing in common and that is making women feel and look their very best. 

My specialties are lash extensions and teeth whitening. 

So you can  expect to find an array of information here, but the main goal is that you leave better than you came. Welcome ❤️

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