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Let’s Do Keto Sis!

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

Hey!!! So it’s here! The 14 Day Keto Challenge! I personally have lost over 50 pounds on dirty keto.

Dirty Keto is when you are doing it to the best of your ability! You will not be 100% every day, but at least you tried right?!

In the beginning I would do keto Mon-Fri & then eat whatever I wanted during the weekend. Why? Because I feel like it’s better if I did good for 5 days and bad for 2 versus doing bad for 7! So let’s get started!

Here is your week 1 menu!

This menu is not set in stone, you are more than welcome to do whatever you damn well please! Just start!

I have gotten so many recipes from TIKTOK & Pinterest so use them as well.

Keep it simple! If you mess up for lunch, its cool get back on for dinner.

You might have to eat breakfast for dinner or sometimes you may not eat at all, do whatever works for you!

We are here to simply hold each other accountable!

Week 1

Breakfast ideas

  • Egg Muffins w/eggs bacon, sausage & cheese

  • Boiled eggs

  • Smoked sausage

  • Turkey/Regular bacon

  • Premier Protein Shake

Coffee/Tea w/whole milk

Starbucks (can be substituted for breakfast or lunch)

Double shot of expresso with Carmel premier protein shake

Skinny vanilla latte made w/heavy milk


  • Cobb salad W/ blue cheese

  • Lettuce wrap w/turkey meat Sour cream, cheese, salsa

  • Protein shake


  • Lettuce wrap

  • Cabbage & smoked sausage

  • Salmon w/butter, broccoli

  • Protein shake






Stay Hydrated!

Lots of water!

4 bottles a day, if you can do a gallon

Black coffee

Weigh yourself Today

Set a goal

Start tomorrow you are going to eat this every day this week

Mix & match

Keep it simple

No Bread

No Pasta

No potatoes

No sugar

Do not overthink!!

You can literally drink a protein shake anytime!

By Day 3 & 4 you may start experience some side effects from having reduced sugar in your body

You will be a little tired

Drink pickle juice or eat pickles

By Day 5 you’ll be fine! Full of energy

Stay off the scale until Sunday sis!


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