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Momma you did it

Dear Mom

So your baby has graduated and it’s bittersweet. I mean for me, it literally felt like another graduation, especially with a son. My son had a lot of challenges over the years, but I was determined and here we are at the finish line.

A lot of times all of the praise is given to the kids and while they are definitely deserving, it’s the parents who also deserve a little recognition, especially during these last 4 years.

These last 4 years proved a resiliency that people already knew we possessed, but it was brought to the forefront during this pandemic.

Our children were forced to stay at home for damn near a year, while we worked from home, and assisted with homework.

We pushed those kids to excellence as we always do, but this time it hit much different.

Some children suffered from being home and others excelled. It was all on the parents whether those children succeeded and we stepped up to the plate.

And here we are. We transitioned with our children. And while we won’t be recognized, I am publicly recognizing every parent who made it through these last 4 years with their babies. We went through illnesses & unexpectedness but we still managed.

And If no one else tells you momma you did that shit! So pat yourself on the back, take a sip of wine, and just soak it up. Cuz you did it baby! And I am beyond proud of you!

There is honestly no love like a mothers love!

And you deserve this moment just as much as your baby, so take satisfaction in the fact that you did your very best with what you had and knew, and they made it!

Congratulations sis! You did it!

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