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So you setting boundaries now?! Oh wow!

Let's talk about boundaries.... Boundaries are these little rules that you set for your life. They are these things that say I respect myself, and if you can't get with the program, then you gotta go!!!

But no seriously, they are rules for your life and they must be set!!! Boundaries say " I care about myself " and often times while setting them it can offend other people because they may not like the boundary that you set, but that is quite alright!!

You need boundaries.. they set the tone for your relationships with other people. They set the tone for your life.. and listen aint a soul going to care about you, like you!!!

You ultimately teach people how to treat you.

Why are you still saying YES when you really want to say NO!!! If you continue to do that then you give people the notion that they can run over you, they dismiss your feelings and basically become entitled to you. That is not healthy and that is not the way we should live.

Listen to sum it up, start setting boundaries now. Be clear about what you want and how you expect to be treated. Stop saying yes and doing things when you simply don't want to. Communicate your needs and wants. You are allowed to change your mind whenever you see fit. They are essential to your well being and your mental health!

Boundaries are the ultimate form of self care!!