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We still doing keto!!!!!!

Keto Week 2 & 3

Forgive me for not posting last week, it was crazy!! I didn’t lose nothing during week 1 .. in fact it felt like I gained.

Keto week 2 was good for me. I lost 6 pounds versus the first week I lost nothing. I mean it happens so please do not get caught up in that. Sometimes you lose sometimes you don’t and what did I do differently????

I drank hella water!!! I increased my water intake and was peeing like crazy and I must have been peeing pounds off because BABBBYYYY ya girl lost 6 of them!!!

So now lets get into Week 3…

We still keeping it as simple as possible. If you lost weight the first 2 weeks and you want to keep doing what you did then, that’s fine!!! But for those who like change and need a little something new, I got you!!!!

This week for breakfast I will be fasting. I will only be eating between the hours of 12pm-8pm.

Try not to snack, snacking is THE WORST, but if you have too because some days you will be hungry then I dropped some suggestions below.

If you want to fast then go ahead, but if you don’t then here are some ideas.

Week 3

Breakfast ideas

Scrambled eggs with cheese, spinach, and onions

Fried eggs